cookie policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Except for session cookies (which are temporary in nature), most cookies stored are persistent, so they are not erased when you end your session on this website.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies on this website are used to identify the operating system and browser of your device, know your IP address and general location, enhance your experience on this website, remember your previous visits and/or custom preferences, help you to complete certain tasks without having to re-enter information, preserve analytics of this website, and keep track of your browsing patterns on the website to improve our services. Cookies DO NOT identify you (e.g., your name).

What types of cookies are stored?

When you access this website, we and/or our business partners and agents may store cookies on your device. The following types of cookies are used:

  1. Session cookies: they allow us keep you logged in, and remember your activity on this website and the information supplied while you complete an order or contact form. If you do not accept this type of cookie, we may not remember your previous activity when you surf to the next page on the Website, so it would be impossible for you to place an order. Session cookies are temporary, and they are erased when you close your browser.
  2. Preference cookies: they remember useful data to enhance your experience on this website (e.g., browser, location, etc.). If you decide not to accept this type of cookies, the website will still be fully operative, but its aspect and navigation might not be as good as it could if you accepted the cookies.
  3. Advertising cookies: they allow us to know where to place our ads, where our users come from, and how our advertising is working in general. Although this type of cookie is not necessary for you, it helps us to better manage our advertising campaigns, thus allowing people like you to get to know this website, where they will find information they may be interested in.
  4. Analytics cookies: They allow us to understand how our users interact with this website (pages they visit, which ones are the most visited, average time on this website, etc.). This information is anonymous and will not be used to create any type of personal profile: they are just useful to know what our potential customers like or demand, and makes them leave the website. Please consider accepting this type of cookies to help us improve our services and website.
  5. Social media cookies: They allow you to share articles, news, posts, etc. from this Website on your social media accounts. They also keep aggregated records of likes and shares of those social media posts. If you do not accept these cookies, you may not use the sharing functionalities available from time to time on this website.

How to remove cookies?

Most internet browsers accept cookies automatically, but you may always change the settings of your browser to accept, refuse or erase cookies, and/or to ask you before accepting any cookie.

The links below explain how you can setup your browser to control how cookies are stored:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Settings in your browser will apply to all websites, not just this one.

Is this policy subject to changes?

We may change from time to time the types of cookies used and/or the purposes the information is used for. Any changes to this policy will be posted here, and they will be effective as of the Effective date below. Your continued use of the website shall be deemed as an acceptance to those changes. Please check this policy from time to time.