Privacy Policy

As part of your navigation at (the “Website”), Aeyrand may process certain personal data relating to you. Here you will find further details on what personal data is stored, how we process it, and the purposes of any such processing.

What types of personal data about me does Aeyrand store?

Each time you visit our Website, we keep records of your IP address, host and browser used, in a logfile required only for technical reasons.

In addition, when you apply to a programme, or when you get in contact us, we record and save your basic data such as name, address, telephone number and/or email address, pre-qualifications to register to a program, etc. Access to any private area of the Website might require previous registration, including entering a username and password, which data we would store for access control purposes.

Moreover, we may receive further information from you when you contact us via email (which information will only be processed to the extent strictly required by law or in accordance with the terms of your query or request). Finally, when you make payment for a programme via a bank wire transfer, we may receive data relating to that specific payment order (i.e., whether or not a wire transfer relating to a specific transaction number has actually taken place).

In some cases, we may use session cookies which might temporarily identify you. Please read our cookie policy for further information about the use of cookies on this Website.

We may use services provided by third parties to collect and use anonymous information about your visits to and interactions with our website (such as Google Analytics), or to display ads that suit your interests. Further information on the use of the data and privacy policy at Google Analytics is available at

In some cases we may also use social plugins on our Website. If you share any page or post on this Website using said plugins, you may keep tracks of any such sharing, including basic user information from those social media.

This Website is addressed to persons of legal age under Dutch law. Consequently, Aeyrand reserves the right to delete all data relating to underage users as soon as it learns that no consent from their parents and/or legal guardians is available.

How does Aeyrand process your personal data?

In general terms, Aeyrand only processes your personal data for any of the following purposes:

  1. To reply to your queries and questions;
  2. To supply products purchased at the Website;
  3. To provide the services you are registered to;
  4. To keep in place adequate access logs and security measures on this Website;
  5. To send you service communications (such as product delivery notices, etc.);
  6. To comply with its own legal and tax obligations;
  7. For fraud prevention purposes;
  8. To keep usage/trend analytics, as well as statistical data, and/or
  9. Whenever consented by you in accordance with law, to send you commercial communications/newsletters about our products and services, and/or those of our selected partners.

Does Aeyrand transfer my personal data to any third parties?

Aeyrand may reveal your personal data to third parties acting on behalf of Aeyrand (such as suppliers, logistics and delivery companies, and freelancers providing any training and/or cultural service on behalf of Aeyrand). In all cases, such third parties will only process data to the extent it is strictly required to perform their services, and shall cancel data once it is no longer required by law or under your agreement with Aeyrand.

If so required by law or by contract (for example, if you infringe any third-party IP rights, Aeyrand might be obliged to disclose your personal data to the competent authorities and/or to the right owners, if so permitted by applicable legislation.

How does Aeyrand protect my personal data?

Aeyrand has implemented reasonable security measures to protect your data against loss, modification or unauthorized use, and commits to update such measures in line with industry standards. However, Aeyrand may not guarantee absolute protection of your data. In case of any unauthorized access, use, change or loss of data, Aeyrand shall report it to the competent authorities for further investigation, and will inform you if your data have been or might have been compromised.

What are my legal rights in relation to my personal data?

You may obtain information on the personal data that Aeyrand stores about you, the way it is being or has been processed, and the purposes of any such processing. To that end, you must send a written request via email, that must include a copy of a valid ID document proving your identity. You should also provide the details of your postal address, so that Aeyrand may send you the information by post.

You may also request amendments and/or updates in your personal data, as well as the deletion of your personal data, by sending an email in the same terms as with the request of access (i.e., together with a copy of a valid ID document). Nevertheless, Aeyrand shall have no obligation to delete personal data relating to existing customers (as they are needed to perform the agreement), and/or any financial-related data associated with payments (which information must be kept for tax, legal and fraud prevention purposes). In those cases, Aeyrand may block or cancel your data in accordance with the terms of the applicable legislation.