Become An Online Tutor or Teacher

Become An Online Tutor or Teacher

What’s YOUR Skill?

Become a teacher at Aeyrand and share your skills.

So what’s the difference between a tutor and a teacher and how does it work?

Here we will explore that question, so you can make the best choice to suit you.

Become a tutor

This is a great place to start.

As a tutor you can simply ad a course right from within your profile area, whether you are a certified teacher or not. You can create and manage courses, lessons, topics and quizzes for your students and of course get paid for every course enrolment.

To start as a tutor, you need a skill to teach and create a course that appeals to a certain niche.

We are an accredited e Learning platform, so think about vocational courses, a “how to spray paint your surfboard” course is probably not going to get approved, however you may have years of experience in this field so think, engineering, industrial design, apprenticeships, maybe a long shot when creating something like a surfboard but you get our drift right?

If you are a qualified teacher or you have held a position in a company where your skills can be converted into a vocational course, then you have found the right place.

Asking us anything is fine, we do not judge people and as teaching professionals ourselves enjoy brainstorming and open dialogue.

To become a teacher, you will need to have the required qualifications, don’t panic, It’s not as hard as you think. As a teacher you can, create courses and track student progress, thus behaving as a teacher, instructor, or guide for students enrolled.

You may not have a teaching degree, however you need to have some kind of accreditation you can prove, like our business teaching credentials at CRKBO for example, another way to become a teacher is to start as a tutor, when we see happy students enrolled in your course or courses, we may well invite you to become a teacher where you will benefit from our accreditation.

Of course, you get paid for your efforts accordingly, Certified courses are better paid as our certification covers many recognised levels of education.