About Aeyrand

Immediate Access to Up-to-date Education

Anybody should have access to professional education – anywhere and at all times.

This may sound noble, yet it’s for good reason that this thought developed in us during our working lives. The aspect that we thought was lacking was: simple and immediate access to up-to-date education and additional and re-education in business.

Only Specialist in Full Online Education

An increasing number of students relies on us thanks to our offer of quality education that can be benefited from anywhere. Aeyrand is currently the only specialist in full e-learning in professional education programmes.

Interaction with Students and Teachers

We moreover found that – contrary to for example a home study course – there’s much interaction in the online learning environment with other students and with the teachers. A major difference with, for example, home studies is that motivation will be guaranteed through e-learning.

Here you enter a college where you can meet other fellow students of any age.

Learn Anywhere!

Through your personal online learning environment you will be able to move fast: you may, for example, go through a section of your studies on your iPad at your ease, while you’re in a waiting room or in the train. You no longer need to drag around bundles of papers and books.

Your well-equipped and nicely organized learning environment provides many facilities: you can make notes, save documents and keep a blog if you wish. Or consult with a fellow student.

Innovative Learning Environment

Aeyrand provides an innovative learning environment with the capacity to keep up with future developments and to adjust to educational practices and changes – always focused on the future. This is possible thanks to the physical and social context in which Aeyrand’s online learning platform operates.

This forms the basis for access to education in an innovative and practical learning environment.

Aeyrand learn anywhere

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